Glutes Exercises


Single Leg Bridge

The single leg bridge works the back muscles and alternates the leg being stretched with each repetition.

The exercise requires simultaneously pushing with one leg and stretching with the other.

Lift butt off floor by pushing off right foot and lifting ...

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Gluteus medius

Lie on your back, feet on the floor and arms by your sides.

Rest your right ankle on your left knee.

Press down with your left foot to raise your hips off the floor and then return to starting position.

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Side-lying hip abduction

Lie on your side with your body forming a straight line.

Then raise the upper leg upward, just moving from your hip.

Your upper body remains in place and does not contribute to the movement.

Only go as far ...

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Side-lying clams

Lie on your side with your body straight. Now bend both knees a bit.

Rotate the upper leg out without tilting your hip back to perform one repetition. As the name suggests your legs should imitate the opening motion of a clam.

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Leg Lift

While standing up straight with both feet next to each other at around shoulder width, grab a sturdy surface such as the sides of a squat rack or the top of a chair to brace yourself and keep balance.

With or without an ankle ...

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Glute Kickback

Kneel on the floor or an exercise mat and bend at the waist with your arms extended in front of you (perpendicular to the torso) in order to get into a kneeling push-up position but with the arms spaced at shoulder width.

Your head ...

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Flutter Kicks

On a flat bench lie facedown with the hips on the edge of the bench, the legs straight with toes high off the floor and with the arms on top of the bench holding on to the front edge.

Squeeze your glutes and hamstrings ...

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