Weight Gain Workouts


Weight lifting workouts Weight lifting workouts are now turning into the most effective way of gaining mass. You have surely heard that building mass, especially from lean muscle, can be quite tough. Most of us are already convinced that muscle gain is unstable and it tends to be even more so for skinny men. Anyway, there are some options that are actually tested and proven to work. Below you will find the basic ideas on how to put on mass, especially through weight lifting workouts, which you can also check with your fitness instructor.

The Tricks of Gaining Lean Muscle
Anyone fond of fitness and training can’t wait to take up the muscle-building workout routine for Back and Biceps. However, they should take a minute and familiarize with the basics about weight lifting workouts. We know perfectly well that there are numerous types of training programs and weightlifting patterns but if building mass is what we really strive to achieve, we need to focus to one only. So, we settle on a single weight lifting program and stick to it for 8-12 weeks.

Once this period is over, we leave behind the old routine and start a new one. Probably the best solution would be to pick up a weekly workout routine. This would guarantee individual trainings (there is an example of such at the end of the article). Here, another thing is involved, too: knowing exactly how to proceed in a workout for optimum mass building results.

You constantly hear your friends or guys at the gym talking about how they try, partly succeed or totally fail to put on mass. The foremost thing to remember is that weight lifting workouts burn energy faster than any other type of workout. The body needs to get more calories than it loses to build mass so workouts should be planned with this in mind. The best advice here is to cut down on the time at the sports center.

What to Expect When Attempting to Gain Lean Muscle

It is also worth knowing that it takes us longer to recover between the separate sets. Don’t limit that time period if you want the best results. This automatically alters the pattern: either do fewer sets or reduce the range of exercises to spend less time in the gym. We need to drain our muscles of all the energy, though, so you’d better keep the same number of sets per exercise as you usually do.

To go to the gym regularly but limit the time there, we need weight lifting workouts with not that many individual exercises. Since each workout has to comprise few exercises but at the same time such that put heavy strain on our muscles, we are to choose exercises that successfully fulfill both conditions and make other exercises for the same muscle group useless.

This is why the variety of compound, or multi-joint exercises, are strongly recommended. These are known to train our muscles in a more complex way as opposed to the isolation exercises, for example, which are often rendered superfluous. You can find an instance of mass gain weight lifting workouts below to get you started. It targets the back and the biceps and should be done once a week together with similar workouts for other muscle groups.

The Back and Biceps Workout You’ll Appreciate

Allow your body to rest for 75-120 seconds between sets. In the sample outlined below, (C) stands for a compound exercise, whereas (I) indicates an isolation (single joint) movement. The number of movements in a set is referred to as ‘reps’ and the number of sets is actually the number of times an exercise should be repeated.
Wide-Grip Pull-Ups (C): 5 Sets, 6-10 Reps; Dumbbell Bent Row (C): 3 Sets, 8-12 Reps; Straight-Arm Pulldown (I): 2 Sets, 15-20 Reps; Barbell Curls (I): 3 Sets, 8-12 Reps; Preacher Curls (I): 2 Sets, 12-15 Reps.
Once you try this routine, you’ll know there’s no use in spending hours at the gym lifting absolutely anything you can think of. It is way better to follow a weekly workout routine that emphasizes individual weight lifting workouts.