Tips for Men


Shaving Your Pubic Area Shaving your pubic area might not be your favourite activity but there’s hardly any need to convince you of its positive aspects. Along with the purely hygienic reasons, it would please your wife or girlfriend.

Men are often unwilling to remove their pubic hair given the delicacy and the sensitivity of that body area. No doubt safety is the first thing to think of here. Anyway, you shouldn’t worry as there are some little tricks in approaching this task, too, and the present article will shed light on some of them.

- Before shaving your pubic area, you need to figure out what items and materials you will use. First and foremost, you need to have clean and sharp razors and shaving gel or cream. It’s a good idea to prepare some light soap, scissors for trimming and baby oil or lotion. Check whether you have all of these at home.

- Pubic hair is much thicker and stiffer than hair covering other body parts. This is why it’s always better to take a hot bath before trimming and shaving your pubic area. Water softens the hair and makes it easier to remove.

- You may not know it but the position you’re in while removing your pubic hair is also significant. Most men sit upright in a larger chair and raise their feet above their waistline. This is thought to be the most comfortable position in which a man can successfully and safely accomplish the task.

- Before actually shaving your pubic area, you may wish to trim your pubic hair first. Start with little locks removing something like an inch and if you find it OK, repeat the same steps over and over again in the whole area. Trimming makes shaving much easier, so remove as much hair as you possibly can using the scissors.

- You are then ready for the shaving cream. Again, this would feel better right after a hot bath. Apply enough of the shaving solution, either cream or gel, on your pubic area.

- You have reached the most important step now: the razors. Always make sure that they are clean and sharp. Sliding the razor on your skin should be slow and steady. Don’t do this in a hurry as it is very easy to cut yourself. You need to be really careful when shaving your pubic area. If any rashes or scratching show up, you’d better change your razor as it may be irritating your skin.

- Now the mere shaving process is over, you should nourish your skin. First, clean it well with soap, then put on some baby oil or lotion to moisturize the area. This will soothe and enrich the skin.
These few ideas seem simple but really work. You can test them firsthand next time you want to remove your pubic hair. It is always better to be prepared than regret the consequences afterwards.

Shaving your pubic area is a matter of personal choice and may be due to various reasons. Whatever the reason, however, don’t underestimate it and always approach it carefully. Pay specific attention to the cosmetics you’re using as some of them can possibly trigger allergic reactions.