Workouts for Women



Weights training Weights training is for women with active lifestyle that want to tight body and avoid injuries .Apart from shaping muscles the correct training work out strengthens the joints and connective tissues.

No matter what a woman is involved in – water ski, dances, etc, training with weights will improve her physical form.

Not a minor fact is that strong abdominal muscles and muscles in the lower back help pregnant women during delivery.

Benefits of exercise are numerous and increasingly positive.
Women, who are not interested in bodybuilding competitions, can benefits from training with weights which can prevent osteoporosis.

Healthcare organizations say that the combination of regular weights training and diet rich in calcium and other supplements can prevent from this illness for longer time as bone density start to be reduced at the around the age of 30 and is widely spread among women.

Increased muscle mass help metabolism speed, which at the same time allows women to eat more, without to add additional weight.

Fast physical changes caused by training with weights are described in study published in special edition of the American Diet Association.

In the study 20 women have been involved in the program aged between 19-44 years old that have started exercise with weights on a 12 week program.

Nothing improves so well the figure like weights training combined with aerobics. This is the reason behind why today many actresses and models lift weights.

As an addition to the improved figure due to training it improves woman’s confidence and raises her self-esteem.

Nevertheless that they trained only twice a week doing 6 exercises in each work out, every woman was observed to have increased dry muscle mass and to have lost fats without change in the diet.

In view of all this, every woman who wants to improve her physical form has to without hesitation star to use weights in her work out. She has to do it in the same way men do it, adding only some necessary changes in the weights.

The conclusion is that weights training has the same benefits for men and women.