Workouts for Women


Positive effects of exercise Positive effects of exercise are both physically and mentally. They significantly improve your health,increase the vitality, potency and the positive thinking.

Slim or slightly curvy women often ignore exercises as they feel that this is necessary only for those who need to lose weight. The truth is that no matter your weight, sport is a necessary part of your life and women need to take advantage of the many benefits without to think only for perfect measures.

Positive effects of exercise for Stress Reduction

The average women are stressed more than men. Modern woman works above 40 hours a week, and at the same time is busy with most of the household work and raising the children. Due to those facts, and genetic factors, woman can withstand fewer loads, otherwise stress will increase drastically.

Regular exercises are great way to relieve the burden and anxiety. Exercises are one of the best ways for stress relief in women. The secret of this effect is that when she makes exercises the body produces more endorphins. Endorphins in blood circulation make women feel happy and at the same time it regulates their stress hormone that the body produces.

After few weeks regular training, even if they are 30 minutes walking a day, you will start to notice a big difference in your body and soul condition. This is the exercises effect.

Positive effects of exercise for Better Sleep

Benefits of exercise are that they help to balance daily rhythm of the woman as it provides her with healthy sleep during night and easy waking in the morning. The necessity to stretch in the morning when we wake up has its reason – while doing it, it helps us stay awake.

Logically stretching and small movements during night can keep you awake. We all know that healthy sleep has lots of benefits, so exercising at the same time will make you achieve that good night sleep.

Positive effects of exercise for Osteoporosis Prevention

Healthcare organizations export data that osteoporosis strikes 1 in 5 women at age above 50. Regular exercises and active live can have a major impact that will reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Women that exercise regularly especially those who start not later than their 30th birthday have good density of bone tissue. When exercises and diet rich in calcium is combined to increase density of your bones, very often osteoporosis can be avoided. Some of the best exercises are those with weights that shape the muscles and strengthen bones. Exercises for endurance like Yoga and Pilates also help prevent osteoporosis at middle age.

Positive effects of exercise for Cancer Prevention

Regular exercises not only prevent osteoporosis but many scientists believe that they can reduce the risk of cancer, especially breast and ovary cancer. Due to not very clear reasons many evidences support the fact that women who work out regularly are not at risk for cancer like those who have sedentary lifestyle. And if this is a small reason to start exercising, then what are you waiting for?

Losing weight with sport is great, but do not think that if you are slim and in good shape you will not benefit from the exercises. Losing weight is one of the many reasons that regular exercises are so important for women.