Workouts for Women


Workout Routines for Women Workout routines for women fill the pages of journals and magazines as keeping fit and looking stunning is among women’s major objectives. Lots of these articles, however, put women off as they aren’t willing to spend hours at the fitness centre.

Gym workouts also require money for fees and gear, not to mention the discomfort of having other people staring at you. Before giving up training altogether, consider the option of home workouts. Yes, you can have it all in such an environment, too! Don’t worry if you’re a bit fastidious about exercise: home workout routines for women are really diverse.

Fancy a walk?

If you’re looking for a fast and effortless way of staying in good form, walking is your thing. Along with toning your muscles, it will also give your body the cardio it needs. There’s nothing easier: you’ll only need a pair of comfy sneakers. Walking, when intended as a daily workout routine, yields the best results if coupled with the so-called interval training (also known as fartlek training). This is all about altering the speed and the intensity of the walk. If you’re new to this, here’s how you can carry out your 20-minute walk: relaxed walking (5 minutes), walking at a normal pace (2 minutes), walking at a rapid pace (1 minute), walking at a normal pace (2 minutes), walking at a rapid pace (1 minute), walking at a slow pace (2 minutes),walking at a normal pace (2 minutes) and, finally, slowing down until you reach a relaxed walking (5 minutes). Some of the workout routines for women that centre on walking suggest combining a greater variety of paces and extended intervals.

Mastering yoga

Yoga is especially suitable as a home training. It will produce much the same effect as aerobics without straining your muscles though. Yoga is growing ever more popular these days because of its capacity to train the body while also clearing the mind. You’ll like the fact that there’s no need of special equipment with yoga. However, it may be a good idea to have a rubber mat as some yoga poses can make you slip. Check out a few books, videos and internet sites to familiarize with the workout routines for women that utilize yoga methods.

Show your muscles

Fitness consultants recommend incorporating strength training into any type of exercise routine. It can significantly contribute to a better moulded appearance and is particularly suitable after weight loss. Strength training helps the muscles grow, which entails losing pounds since muscle build is associated with caloric burn. What prevents most women from taking up strength training is the fear that their bodies will assume a more masculine looks. This cannot happen as women lack such levels of testosterone as opposed to men. Workout routines for women that involve strength training can only sculpt and beautify your body. Most of the activities in this category do not require equipment. Try doing squats, push-ups, sit-ups and lunges on a regular basis and it won’t be long until you see how your body has changed. Strength training can’t go without weights. You can either invest a sum of money in them, or make your own ones using milk jugs filled with sand, for example, canned goods as well as homemade sandbags.

Switch the DVD on

If nothing of the ideas listed above has inspired you, try home workout DVDs. There is an endless list of them that target different levels, purposes and preferences. Their range includes dance videos, strength training or yoga. The most important thing to keep in your head all along is to enjoy yourself. We don’t suggest buying such a DVD at first as there’s no guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the type of activities in it. You can instead borrow one from the local library or a friend. If you happen by chance to like it, you can order or buy the same. Remember, it’s entirely up to you to keep fit and this doesn’t necessarily mean to invest a lot of money and efforts in the process. Home workout routines for women are an ideal way to start your training.