Problems with girls


Wrong Crowd

When in their teens, our children hang out more with their friends and, generally, start having more of a private life than when they were younger. Being a parent, are you concerned that your child may be mixing with the wrong peers? You can successfully approach the issue by talking ...

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Research proves that the idea of suicide has at least once occurred to a great number of teenagers (42 percent of females and 55 percent of males). More than 5,000 teenagers put an end to their lives each year like that. Suicide features among the primary causes of death in ...

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Stimulants & Amphetamines

Several categories of drugs famous for increasing vigilance and stimulating physical activity are classified as stimulants. Pharmaceuticals such as amphetamines and the street drugs widely known as ‘uppers’ or ‘speed’ and cocaine fall under this category. Amphetamines and cocaine are the stimulants people most often use improperly.

What they ...

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Anabolic steroids are compounds with potent effects that from chemical point of view stand very close to testosterone, the typically male sex hormone.

They are produced artificially and were first developed in the 1930s; the original idea behind their production was to provide men whose bodies were unable ...

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Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes

Smokers of various ages are such a common sight! With a cigarette in their hand, they imagine they are so cool, mature and with their own style… Just how ridiculous is that? Smoking is definitely not cool! It is as plain as day that some teenagers smoke to find their ...

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Marijuana (also grass, pot or weed) is the most popular name of the crude drug derived from the plant Cannabis sativa. Marijuana contains THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol): the major mind-altering (psychoactive) constituent; over 400 other chemicals are also found in the plant.

A marijuana joint (rolled-up cigarette) is made from ...

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Inhalants are substances that are breathed in; they are in vapor or aerosol form and have psychoactive (mind-altering) effects. Inhalants are not normally associated with drug abuse for most of them were never meant to be applied in such a fashion. Among them are some solvents, aerosols, anesthetics and other ...

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