Kids Nutrition


Sport nutrition for kids Sport nutrition for kids is for athletes who need to eat a variety of healthy foods.

They need foods that include the following:

- Proteins (found in meat, eggs and dairy)
- Carbohydrates (cereals like wheat bread)
- Vitamins (such as those found in fruits and vegetables, for example) and minerals like calcium (found in dairy products).
- Need some fat located in meats, cheeses,nuts, oils and lard, among many other foods.

Here is a menu for sport nutrition for kids:

1 glass of freshly squeezed orange juice (250 ml)
1 serving of cereal (40 grams) with a glass of skim milk (200 ml); 1 banana 200 grams
2 toast (15 grams); butter (10 grams) and jam (30 g)

1 endive salad with tomato, onion, cucumber, etc. (250 g) 1 tablespoon mayonnaise (10 g)
Chicken, turkey or rabbit (150 g) 2 slices of bread (60 g)
1 glass of freshly squeezed orange juice (250 ml)
1 apple (200 g)
Mozzarella cheese (50 g) 1 lemon sorbet (100 G)

150 grams of fresh vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, etc.) Potatoes (200 g)
2 tablespoons butter or dessert equivalent amount of oil (20 g) 4 slices of bread (120 g)
1 plate of spaghetti (100 g) to Bologna (60 g of meat, 60 g of tomato sauce) 1 ice cream
(100 g) with natural strawberries (100 g)
1 apple, orange, peach, and so on (200 g)

An important part of sport nutrition for kids is to prevent dehydration:

Because children respond to dehydration with an excessive increase in body temperature, its prevention is essential. Make sure that children arrive safely hydrated for workout or competition. During prolonged activities, even when the child is not thirsty should drink every 15-20 minutes.

Add sugar and a pinch of salt to water. In this way the child is totally calm hydrate without thirst, leading to drink more, only salt may cause stomach irritation. A more convenient option is to give them to drink sports drinks that contain these elements in precise quantities, in addition to giving a more complete port for hydration.