Sex in women


The 8 Sex Positions to Revisit The school house rock: Put him on a chair with a solid back. Mount on him and rest your feet on the floor. Slowly bend your knees and let him penetrate you. You can then sensually rock on top.

Stand and deliver: Twist your legs around his waist when he lifts you up. He’ll be standing and you’ll be halfway in the air. He’ll do the heavenly moves while holding your buttocks. It might be a good idea to be somewhere near a bed or a wall. Men who like to run the show can take advantage of that position. Anyway, they’ll need considerable upper body strength!

The lazy twizzler: You’re lounging in bed and don’t really feel like tossing around. Try this! It’s much like the spooning position, only more stimulating. Spread one leg in front of you so he can turn you on with his hand. By placing his top leg between yours he’ll be able to reach you. It’s a bit of a lazy position but you can both enjoy the deeper penetration.

The sexy marionette: Rest your hands on a wall, slightly above your head, and open your legs a little. With your booty standing out, slowly and tantalizingly lower your body. Yeah, you look like a marionette on loose strings. He’ll enter from behind and will support you by holding your hips. A little flexibility and greater endurance and you’ll have a memorable horseplay.

The mirror image: Get a little excited with the riding position. Then let him sit up until you’re face-to-face. Twist your legs around each other’s backs and clasp your elbows under each other’s knees. You should be looking quite the same now. Both of you can then start moving back and forth. With this position, you can hold each other in your arms while fully exploiting every spot in your partner!

Turning the helm: A sort of variation of the missionary position, this one will keep the dice rolling the whole round. Let him bend his knees while still inside you. He’ll then lift one of your legs with one hand and move it to the other, quite like turning the helm of a ship. When you’re on your side he can penetrate at different angles.

The greyhound: You are lying on the bed, face down and legs open. He is kneeling in between and is thrusting you from behind as he’s raising your hips. Your body remains on the bed, though. This position will give you pleasure because you can tighten your vagina. If you’re game for more action, try the rocket greyhound by taking a vibrator into play.

The sling: You’re both standing here. While you’re face-to-face, he takes one of your legs in his arm and gradually starts elevating it. You can feel turned on with your leg slightly more up or down. If you go for it, you can even lift your leg as high as his shoulder. While he’s moving inside you, you can both get busy with your hands.