Sex in women


15 Refreshing Ideas on Sex for Women Now, women in a long-term relationship or marriage, don’t be afraid to admit how hard it is to keep the bedroom fire burning. Sex can become routine and boring, it has happened to everyone. The point is to never run out of ideas how to freshen it up because it’s well worth it.

Women can be resourceful and inventive but do men always fancy their partners’ fads? To leave no room for doubt, we asked a group of men to complete a survey about how they would like to rekindle sexiness in their relationships. Read on to find out.

1. If you have ever avoided putting on slutty stockings and a garter belt, now is the perfect time.

2. Make your bikini area a top priority. You don’t always need to be as soft as a baby. A simple trim can work, too.

3. Why not try a lap-dance or a tempting strip-tease? I know that the first things to come into your mind now are time, money, shopping, lingerie. Guess what? Try removing the plainest of clothes in a sexy way and you’ll see which makes the difference.

4. Switch to teasing texts. Invite him to come home as fast as he can in the middle of a busy day to see what you got for him, then pamper him.

5. Phone sex can be quite a turn-on in long-distance relationships. Yeah, it does sounds odd but it can do wonders if you’re relaxed and on for it.

6. Be open to experiments. If the bedroom is where you used to have fun, start the foreplay somewhere else instead.

7. Let your sexuality unravel. Your man will totally freak out when he sees he’s turning you on. So, why spare that?

8. Show him what you like. Place his hand where you'd like it to be. It’ll give pleasure to both of you.

9. Women go crazy when more than one part of the vagina is aroused at the same time. Well, two-fold stimulation holds for men, too. Let your hand or mouth play with his penis while sliding your other hand on his testicles.

10. How about a few dirty words? If you haven’t done this, you may well feel embarrassed. Anyway, you’ll be more relaxed each time and you can find that it’s got your engine turning, too.

11. Bring some sex toys in the fun. Yes, they can do a lot for both of you. You can tease the base of the penis while giving him a blow-job for a more intense orgasm.

12. Be eager for new positions. Missionary style or you on top are nice but you can be rocked by new sensations in the different positions.

13. Have spontaneous sex. Starting from the door as soon as he’s back from work can be quite a thing.

14. Shower together. Getting dirty goes hand in hand with getting clean.

15. Have a bunch of pillows handy. They can help a lot in sex positions.