Stress in women


Relaxation techniques Relaxation techniques are as simple as they are complex depends on how you ready to deal with the problem. Here is some of them:

Prepare a first aid kit for stress:

‘Since women are so relationship dependent, it's important for them to have a strong support system in place’ explains Carol Goldberg, PhD, a clinical psychologist specializing in stress management. ‘It's just like having a first aid kit for when you cut your finger – having this support system in place is a first aid kit for stress that you can count on in an emergency.’

‘Whether it’s relatives or friends, seek out people who are good for you in a stressful situation’ comments Goldberg. You need people who don't panic under pressure, who aren't depressed, and who aren't worst-case-scenario thinkers. Make sure the people you have around you when you're stressed handle it well.’

Relaxation techniques with find a friend with whom your secret is safe.

Ever heard that a problem shared is a problem halved? One’s colleagues, friends and family often ease troubles at work and offer different perspectives. If you isolate yourself from others, there’ll be nobody to turn to in hard times.

When among friends, we feel relaxed and amuse ourselves, which diminishes stress significantly. Voicing problems in front of a trusted friend often helps in working out the solutions.

Relaxation techniques with activity:

If a problem is bothering you, physical activity can be quite efficient in helping you sort out the causes of your stress. We need both physical and mental strength to tackle stress. Exercise improves not only your physical condition, but also your mental state. Stress won’t disappear through physical activity; exercise, however, will give vent to that emotional intensity you’re feeling, clearing your thoughts and letting you deal with your problems all along.

Spit it all out:

When it helps, tell your story. If you are among the women who feel better talking about stress, don't keep it bottled up. Instead, get out with a trusted friend who will lend a compassionate ear. And avoid obsessing, which can depress you both.’

Relaxation techniques with taking control:

There is a way to solve any problem. Being a passive observer and thinking ‘There’s nothing I can do about it’ will make you even more stressed out. Such feelings of lack of control are among the top stress raisers. Taking control is, in itself, an act of doing something and plays a major role in finding a solution which works for you. You may wish to read some more on how to organize your time.

Stop doing everybody’s work when you're stressed:

When stressed, women very often multiply their capabilities, assuming everybody’s responsibilities and completely ignoring themselves. This is surely inadvisable. ‘Women can selflessly help too much at their own costs’ Pickhardt, a spokesman for the American Psychological Association, warns. Women should learn to put themselves first when it comes to stress.

Relaxation techniques with enjoying the simple things in life.

Say yes to investing in yourself for replenishment of energy, personal renewal, and regular relaxation’ Pickhardt suggests. A hot bath, a pleasant walk, a day in the open with a friend or a nice book may well make stress disappear.