Stress in women


Causes of stress Causes of stress are numerous and include all negative events around us as sometimes happens some positive emotions to cause stress.

Stress happens when people feel like they do not have the tools to manage all of the demands in their lives.

Stress can be short-term or long-term. Missing the bus or arguing with your spouse or partner can cause short-term stress. Money problems or trouble at work can cause long-term stress. Even happy events, like having a baby or getting married can cause stress.

Causes of stress of some of the most common life events:

- Headaches
- Lack of energy
- Lack of focus
- Poor self-esteem
- Trouble sleeping
- Upset stomach
- Back pain
- General aches and pains
- Not eating or eating too much
- Feeling like you have no control
- Trouble getting things done
- Death of a spouse
- Death of a close family member
- Divorce
- Losing your job
- Major personal illness or injury
- Marital separation
- Marriage
- Pregnancy
- Retirement
- Spending time in jail
- Feeling tense
- Poor memory
- Poor concentration
- Increased alcohol consumption
- Anger/hostility
- Difficulty making decisions
- Frequent mood swings
- Negative thinking
- -Destructibility
- Excess smoking or eating
- Feeling overwhelmed or helpless

Causes of stress can seriously damage your psyche and cause permanent sequelae the treatment of which is very difficult. Sometimes there is serious stress the effects of which can lead to serious mental disorders which events lead to suicide.

Do not hesitate to seek medical attention if happen in some of the causes of stress recur frequently or continue a long and painful.

Some causes of stress can not be avoided but you can coping with stress if you have the will and desire for this.