Hand and Foot Care


HAND CARE Hand Care is a very important aspect for every woman.With a handshake we can understand a lot about a woman, because the woman is using her hands for washing, cooking, cleaning, etc.

The result of these chores is that her hands lose their softness, and look rough.A woman should not leave her hands without care.Hand Care must become a weekly habit.

Is it possible a woman to have gentle and soft hands despite the daily stress on hands? Can modern mom with problem hands skin restore them to velvet hands skin? Yes, of course, but you may need to make some changes.

Pamper your hands!

The first tip that we will give you on how to Hand Care of your hands is to use morning and night cream. In cases where there is a problem with dry skin, the primary concern is to ensure more oily and moisturizing cream in the morning and before falling asleep.
Moisturizing the skin of the hands is important but not sufficient enough step in the care of the hands.

Exfoliate your hands

You can use peeling for Hand Care. You will be able to remove layers of dead skin cells from the skin surface. Products that exfoliate the skin contain a variety of chemical such as – white clay, bentonite and other substances that help remove dead surface cells.

Hand massage

Why not pamper your hands, and why not get your man to do it. Massage on no matter which part of the body has therapeutic results. Massaging parts of your hands stimulates blood flow. This provides your hands with better blood supply to the upper part of the fingers and palms, which are most sensitive parts of your hands to touch.

Tips for Hand Care

Always wear gloves when washing dishes or cleaning the house. Cleaning products have chemicals and most of them make the skin dry. The best thing you can do to Hands Care is to put gloves.

During winter make sure you always wear gloves. Take care of your hands in winter. Keep in mind that this is the season where we can say that woman’s hands need 100% care. Continuous exposure to cold leads to dry skin.

Be careful with hot plates – burned and swollen hands are not a beautiful sight. It is true that cooking is a daily concern for the woman, but be careful, pay attention not only for your hands but your body too. Hot oil can cause burns of second and third degree.

Hand care summary

Hand Care will repay you back when your husband or child feel the softness and gentleness of your skin despite the domestic work. Make efforts to care of your hands even with very little care which will lead to amazing results.