Hand and Foot Care


Foot care at home Foot care at home can be done every day to avoid any undesirable and unpleasant feeling which can lead to more serious problems.

Here are few ways to foot care at home that will effectively help you to relieve fatigue and heaviness:

Morning and evening, when it is not too hot, walk barefoot on grass, sand, asphalt, or the shore. Walk along the coast raising your legs. You can immerse yourself in bath which is filled with warm water.

Water (just not hot) is a great relieve for tired feet. Make a 10 minute feet bath with sea salt, chamomile or garden tea.

If you have time can foot care with swim,wich is the best relieve for the veins.

Rinse your feet with cold water, spray it with the garden hose or in the bathroom once or twice a day. Make the procedure from heels to toes, then up the calves to the back of the knees, finally in front again from toes to knees.

Foot care at home with a pillow under your feet is a good way to relieve veins. Do it several times a day for 15-20 minutes. Watch TV in this position, talk on the phone or read a book.

Put under the mattress layers of folded blanket or a pillow to form lifting of 5-6 cm so that the legs can be lifted higher than the rest of the body. Make a habit at the slightest opportunity to lift your feet on a chair or a stool. It is not very ethical but very helpful to foot care.

You can Foot care at home while stand for a while on four legs.
Knee-elbow position (chest lower than hips) is also good for the circulation and in such cases lying on your back with elevated legs.

Make a light massage on the feet, knees and hips with a massage brush going from down-up on the vain blood flow. You can include the arms, using special massage oil, added few drops of essential oils.

In rapid fatigue and heaviness lavender and rosemary can help. If you have cold feet because of poor circulation mint can help to foot care.

Here's how to Foot Care at home to Look Gorgeous and elegant

To clear dead cells from your soles, use exfoliating creams instead of stones and graters. They are preferred places for fungus.

BYOP (Bring Your Own Polish!) to nail salons and spas. Sharing bottles equals infections.

If you adore super-skimpy sandals and can’t give up wearing them, make sure they provide better support and balance for your feet.

You can Foot care at home while enjoying walking barefoot but this will make your feet callous. It’s a good idea to put cushions into shoes, too.

Cut toenails straight across, don’t make them rounded. Rounded nails welcome infections.

Remember, foot powder is a must even when you have socks on! Once you take off your socks, clear your feet and toes of any sock lint.

Bare or exposed we are need special Foot care at home with a minimum SPF 50 (that’s right, 50) moisturizing sunscreen rich in vitamin A and E.