Diets to Lose Weight


Top Five of Taste-Good-and-Feel-Good Foods Apples. Along with being healthy and rich in water, apples are also an excellent source of dietary fiber. Fiber improves the digestive functions and lowers cholesterol. Moreover, it is among those foods that make us feel satiated without the accumulation of calories.

There is yet another interesting thing about apples and weight. A relevant research shows that women whose daily menu included three apples or three pears cut down on their weight more noticeably than those in whom the three pieces of fruit were substituted with oat cookies instead. You may think that the fruit and the cookies contain the same amount of fiber and you are right.

It is somewhere else that we should look for the explanation. A modern study on food and eating points out that chewing is related to the amount of food we take in and the subsequent feeling of fullness. Prolonged chewing, as in eating apples, tricks the brain into believing that enough food is already consumed and it quenches the feeling of hunger.


Plenty of articles list almonds as some of the healthiest and most delicious snacks. Most people think that they are rich in calories but in fact they can make the process of losing weight much easier. It has been scientifically confirmed that women who consume nuts at least two times a week are better able to control their weight as compared to women who do not opt for this food type. Dietitians absolutely praise almonds. As little an amount as one ounce of them will bring only 167 calories but it contains some 6g of protein and 3g of fiber that are more than enough to make you feel well fed. Almonds, similarly to apples, involve a lot of chewing. If you’re looking for something to satisfy your hunger with and stay slim all along, opt for almonds.


It’s understandable if you doubt whether seafood and fish can help preserve one’s weight. The different sources of information offer different opinions on this issue. There is hardly anybody, however, to be uncertain about the healthy qualities of fish. Minor quantities of some types of fish, such as salmon, can make us feel satiated soon after we have started eating. Nutritionists argue that people who wish to lose weight will be a lot more successful if they incorporate salmon in their weekly menu a few times. Specialists claim that two more pounds can be melted with the help of fish and seafood alone. While salmon is indeed rich in fats, it does not abound in calories (for example, a 3-oz. serving contains only 175 calories). If you need some more protein, salmon is your thing, too.


Previously eggs have been totally denounced as unhealthy and entailing plenty of negative consequences. Today, they are said to do wonders in weight management. If you used to say no to eggs for breakfast, think twice now as they can prevent you from putting on weight throughout the day. According to a recent research, people on quest of lose weight quickly who ate two eggs for breakfast five days of the week lost 65% more weight than those who preferred a bagel. Protein always contributes to the feeling of fullness. When taken in the morning, however, it can even double the effect


Is there anything better for a diet than vegetables? Absolutely not! Non-starchy ones, among which spinach, celery and carrots, are very rich in fiber. They can efficiently deal with your constant hunger. The best thing about them is that you cannot possibly overeat. Now you’re going to say that veggies are not always tasty. That’s true. Tomatoes hopefully are. Besides, they are an excellent means of staying fit. You will be amazed to learn that a cup of cooked, red tomatoes will give you no more than 43 calories and will taste quite nice. You may have been discouraged while trying to find something that tastes good and appeases your hunger, while does not stuff you with calories. Such types of food are available. You only have to find the right ones for you!