Weight Loss Workouts


Increased sweating Increased Sweating may seriously harm your health. The consequences are unfavorable and can lead to permanent damage.

You might find this funny but up to date I see people wrapping their body with nylons and jog with the idea that increased sweating will burn more fats.

I have a friend using this method which brought her bilateral pneumonia and had to stay in the hospital for some time. The effect sauna has is very similar to this. That is why the misuse of it is not recommended.

Yes, you will lose weight, but on the account of the water in your body, and this can have fatal results. Even the smallest evil: dehydration and high body temperature can lead to death if things get out of control.

It is not recommended to overload, as if you do not train in your own temp it can lead to very serious injuries and other internal and external problems.

On top of the physical, overload will not correct your physical problems if it is not combined with balanced meal and lifestyle.

If you do decide to do Increased Sweating is desirable prior this to making a medical examination to check you health.