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Lips Treatment Lips treatment today comes as a response to women’s desire to make their lips more alluring. Some women would like to preserve the natural, youthful look of their lips, whereas others try each and every trick of making them more tantalizing. How far would you go in making this part of your face more defined? You can simply take care of repair and protection, introduce a new colour or be a little more radical and take up lip injections, fillers, implants or laser rejuvenation.

The essentials in lips treatment Put on lip balm during the day to moisten your lips. This will prevent the peeling, too. Shea or cocoa butter, almond, castor, jojoba oil and beeswax are the most suitable substances for this purpose. Make sure your lip balm has at least an SPF 15 to guard your lips from the harmful sun rays. You can apply something more concentrated at night, such as petroleum jelly, Aquaphor healing ointment or any other emollient lip treatment.

The glamour look There’s myriad of products like tinted glosses, lip stains or traditional lipsticks that will beautify your lips by playing with their colour. You can now have that plumper look without collagen or Restylane injections. Want to know how? By using a lip plumper! It is said to speed up the natural production of collagen in your lips. You can find lip plumpers at the drugstore for some $15; if you’re out for a more refined one, get ready to spend about $50.

The more radical lips treatment If you find fuller lips more attractive, then you can try injectable fillers as they have a long-lasting effect compared with lip plumpers. Cosmetic surgeons most often use liquid collagen, fat taken from another body part (also called Autologen) or a filler resembling Restylane or Juvéderm. If you are about to take that step, you should know that the first procedure will not provide the optimum result. Injectable fillers are such a lips treatment that needs to be repeated. Each procedure of injecting fillers in your lips takes between 15 and 20 minutes and the novel look normally lasts from a few weeks to several months. Specialists sometimes utilize different materials, so prices may differ, too. Among them feature Dermalogen (such obtained from deceased human donors, also known as human tissue matrix), Fascian (again a donor tissue, but one made from connective tissue that can serve as a surgical implant), Hylaform (a gel-like substance) as well as Radiance (calcium hydroxylapatite).

Ladies prone to experiments can also benefit from implants like AlloDerm (this is purely natural collagen obtained from donated skin) or synthetic materials (such are Gore-Tex, SoftForm, soft expanded polytetrafluoroethylene, or ePTFE) which are inserted into the lips by means of minor incisions. They are used for a really long-term effect. Implants are inserted during interventions that typically take two hours and are carried out with a local anesthesia. There may be a slight swelling or bruising in the area which disappear in a few days or several weeks.

Finally, there’s the laser therapy as a lips treatment option. Its purpose is to restore the youthful look of your lips by stimulating the natural collagen and elastic tissue.

Attention: Should you choose to undergo some sort of lip augmentation (through injections, fillers, implants, whatever), gather as much information as possible in advance. Next, make an appointment and visit your doctor to talk things over. Only a professional can decide on whether you need a lips treatment and which type will suit you best. Cosmetic surgery still counts as surgery, so it has to approached seriously. Don’t forget to inform your doctor about past conditions, such as oral herpes, diabetes, lupus, blood-clotting or blood flow issues. What is more, you should let them know whether you smoke as it is pertinent to the procedures. Cosmetic surgeons constantly warn about possible allergic reactions that are accompanied with redness, itching and swelling. The list of potential complications includes bruising, bleeding, lumping or firmness, scarring, asymmetry as well as migration or extrusion of an implant. Women who tend to suffer from allergic reactions are not advised to receive a lip augmentation. Finally, we can’t but mention that surgical interventions, despite being an alternative, are by far not suitable for everyone. Before you really initiate a lips treatment, make sure your tasty lip gloss or a tempting lipstick is not enough.