Weight gain diets


Weight Gain Basics 1. If you have decided to gain weight, you first need to internalize the idea of taking in more calories than you use up. Muscle build requires a great quantity of calories that should be supplied on a daily basis. Im sure you have seen that its not an easy task. Some people who wish to amass weight are worried they will put on fat, too. Such worries are groundless as underweight and physically active people burn calories much faster.

2. As caloric intake is vital here, you might like to know exactly how many you have to consume per day. Pertinent sources say that 18-20 calories for every pound of bodyweight are enough. Remember, you have to always strive for more. Calculate the number of calories you take in now and estimate what the increase should be. Be careful to stick to this percentage: 55% of carbs, 25% of protein and 20% of fat. Weight gain is difficult, especially at the start. Dont get disappointed if your weight stays the same. Take your time and increase calories every day.

3. Follow a strict food regimen: 3 big and 2-3 smaller meals every day. Allow some 2½-3½ hours to pass between them. According to experts, sufficient calories for the day can be obtained from not fewer than 5-6 meals. If your meals are infrequent (more than 3½ hours pass between them), catabolic processes take place. You wont let this happen if you know that in such a state your body actually burns muscle tissue to get energy. This holds particularly for underweight people. However hard frequent eating seems to you at first, you can do it as long as you really want to. You may have to spare more time preparing your meals. Also, you need to always have food with you. It doesnt have to be something big. A snack will work, too, but make sure it is protein-rich.

4. Attention: breakfast! Don't skip that meal! For the 8-10 hours of sleep your body has been using muscle to obtain energy. The best you can do when you get up in the morning is to eat a healthy breakfast. People eat all sorts of things for breakfast but you can take into account your personal preferences. Here are some good-for-the-body ideas: oatmeal with whole milk, boiled eggs, whey protein shake. Diverse and tasty, these foods are also good sources of calories and weight gain. Most people who skip breakfast say that they just dont feel hungry early in the morning. Breakfast should be made into a habit, a routine.

5. Don't fall for supplements. These are mostly a waste of time and money. Sure there popular and many people take such. Are they worth it, though? Do you notice how they change each year? It's this one today and something quite different tomorrow. Of course, we cant do overgeneralizations. Food experts do admit that certain products can help. However, one should look for these that have long been offered on the market. What you can take regularly with no hesitation is multi-vitamin/mineral tablets, whey protein powder and creatine. Multivitamins and minerals are essential and modern tablets guarantee the average daily amount. If you have a protein drink at some time in the day, you can skip one of your smaller meals. Protein drinks are ideal after training sessions because your muscles are tired and need food. You can make your own protein drink: mix 60 grams of whey protein with skim milk. Shake it well when you finish your workout and enjoy! Also, dont forget about fruit (2 bananas a day have amazing effects on weight gain).

BOTTOMLINE: Hard training without sufficient caloric intake (eating more than you burn) yields no weight gain.